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Multiple Thrilling Extreme Sporting Adventures



Test your limits with the travel options from DrAdventure.tv in Del Mar, California. Our custom trips take you around the world to experience things like mountain climbing and river rafting.


Full Logistics

From reserving transportation to and from your destination to insurances and outfitters, we handle all of the details of your trip. Whether you want to climb Mt. Fuji or dive in the South Seas, we design the pacing of your trip so that you can focus on having fun.


Our team takes you anywhere in the world. From backcountry skiing in New Zealand to rafting the Zambezi in Africa, you’ll have the time of your life when you take advantage of our destination options.


Safety First

Let our team handle the legal needs of your vacation. We provide risk management for everything from helping to obtain medical evacuation insurance to providing medical personnel on site.

Physician Service

Our team is prepared for every emergency. We provide an experienced physician or nurse with backgrounds in wilderness, critical care, and trauma medicine. Our medical staff has more than 25 years of experience.

No matter what situation arises, your safety is in the hands of these knowledgeable medical professionals. They have traveled to more than 250 countries and are experienced in delivering medical assistance under almost all circumstances:

• Desert Areas • During Expeditions • High-Altitude Areas • Hot and Cold Climates • Scuba Diving • In Emergencies • Whitewater Rafting & Kayaking • Tropical Climates


Contact us for an unforgettable experience regarding any extreme sporting adventure.


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