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Brad Grant Adventures – Brad Grant River Rafting IRAN 2018 


Follow Dr.Adventure Brad Grant on yet another epic adventure this time to TIBET for a wild trek up the Hindu Kush!

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Mt. ELBRUS Russia Climb

Watch the exciting video to the TOP of Russia and all of Europe!

Dr. Adventure Brad Grant – Pamir Highway Road Touring Adventure!

Follow Brad on yet another wild end of the road and out there ROAD TOUR this time traveling down the most remote highway in the world – the PAMIR road of Tajikistan Afghanistan border region.

Join the Adventure with Brad starting things off by having some fun crashing a Tajik Wedding!

Brad Grant Dr. Adventure – Trek to K2 Base Camp Adventure Expedition


Brad Grant Dr. Adventure – Trek to K2 Base Camp – FULL LENGTH VIDEO CLICK BELOW

Trouble viewing this VIDEO? You can watch it on Brad’s YouTube channel:

Trek to K2 Base camp – Promo VIDEO SHORT Version

Follow Dr.Adventure Brad Grant on yet another epic adventure this time to the top of the world in northern Pakistan for a wild trek up the world longest glacier the ‘Baltero’ and into the Concordia region to the K2 base camp for some breathtaking views.


Check out the beautiful mountain scenery in HD video and still photography here shot along the way by several members of the tour as well as on camera journalistic narration by team leader Bradley Grant.


Follow ream K2 made up of a mixed group of people as they take on the challenge of their life in reaching this area where some of the worlds tallest mountains or located with K2 reaching 8611 meters.


Also hear great MUSIC in this video with traditional folk music as well as contemporary tunes from Pakistan and the surrounding region.



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